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Harmony PIM (formerly do-Organizer)

An All-In-One set of features that merge together into a user-friendly Personal Information Manager.

Highly customizable and unique with its record-to-record multi-dimensional linking system.

A favorite tool used by brain-stormers, writers, bloggers, small businesses, role-play gamers, social networkers.

Harmony is powered by your imagination.


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Harmony PIM


Some of the main features of Harmony


  • Clean and intuitive user-friendly interface.
  • User Interface can be customized and moved around to fit how you want to work.
  • Truly portable. Take your Harmony with you on a USB drive and use it on any Windows PC. Installation isn't needed.
  • Create different interface layouts for writing, designing, journal keeping.
  • Store a huge number of records in a tree-like easy-to-organize fashion inside a single portable file.
  • Easily link a record to another record for that extra dimension.
  • Low memory use and system resource requirements.

  • Comprehensive and powerful calendar.
  • Can be shown as a single day, a week, a whole month or a custom number of days.
  • Appointments can be moved and resized, in the calendar, easily with the mouse.
  • Appointments can be colored, categorized and flagged with markers for better recognition.
  • Allows all-day appointments and events that run over more than one day.
  • Time Bar intervals for a day view can be customized from hourly to every single minute.
  • Multiple users or resources can be added and shown as individual calendars.
  • Users can be customized with different colors and icons.
  • Users are integrated with the tasks section to show a summary of current or all due tasks.
  • Appointments can be linked to other database records, such as contacts or notes.
  • Appointments can be shared with more than one user.
  • Quick access navigation buttons to jump to a particular day, previous or next appointment.
  • Mini month calendar can be resized showing only one month or more.
  • Calendar can be customized with working day start and end times.
  • Printing facility enables you to obtain a hard copy of the visual calendar.
  • Appointments can be assigned a reminder to automatically go off at a particular time with an optional sound effect.
  • Appointments can be categorized and typed with customizable items.
  • Appointments can be recurring with comprehensive recurring settings.
  • Search facility to find an appointment with optional search modes.

  • Comprehensive and powerful contacts management
  • Unlimited number of contacts can be added.
  • Contacts can be added and managed within folders.
  • Two different views, Card View or List View.
  • Views can be sorted and customized by showing columns or selected fields.
  • Contacts can be colored and flagged with a marker for instant visual recognition.
  • A reference image can be embedded into a contact record.
  • Unlimited Email addresses can be added to a contact.
  • Unlimited URL's can be added to a contact.
  • Unlimited telephone numbers can be added to a contact.
  • Unlimited extra fields can be added to a contact.
  • Emails, URL's and telephone numbers can be launched and dialed easily from the details or the list view.
  • Quick key search to find a contact quickly.
  • List view search facility to find a contact with optional search modes.
  • Contacts can be linked to other database records such as appointments or notes.
  • Comprehensive address and personal detail fields.

  • Comprehensive and powerful tasks management.
  • Unlimited number of tasks can be added.
  • Tasks can be added and managed within folders.
  • Tasks can be assigned directly to a calendar user.
  • Quick tasks can be added and edited without the need for the details windows.
  • List view can be customized by showing selective columns.
  • Tasks can be colored and flagged with a marker for instant visual recognition.
  • Tasks can be categorized and typed with customizable items.
  • List view facility search to find tasks with optional search modes.
  • Tasks can be linked to other database records such as appointments, contacts or notes.
  • Comprehensive task detail fields.
  • Tasks progress and done status can be quickly marked from the list view.
  • List view can filter all due tasks today, due this week, this month or all tasks.
  • Tasks can have sub-tasks.

  • Comprehensive and powerful notes management.
  • Unlimited number of notes can be added.
  • Notes can be added and managed within folders.
  • Highly comprehensive Notes Editor gives a vast array of formatting facilities including tables, images, paragraph settings and auto-enumerated lists.
  • Notes can be linked to other database records such as appointments, contacts or other notes.
  • Auto Correct facility can automatically correct miss-spelt words.
  • Spell Check As You Type can mark words automatically that are miss-spelt without the need for you to issue a spell check command.
  • Text and images can be moved and dragged around the editor with the mouse.
  • OLE compliant so you can drag text, URL's, Email addresses or images from other OLE applications such as Internet Explorer.
  • Integrated editor ruler gives interactive control to position and create tabulation markers, alter the columns of a table, adjusting page margins and paragraph indentation.
  • Images can be resized interactively with the mouse.
  • Hyperlinks can be added with control over color and style.
  • Automatic URL and Email detection auto-marks recognized addresses.
  • Insertion of editor data including multiple width divider lines, current date and time.
  • Notes editor is opened as a separate window so you can work on more than one note at a time, or work on notes while accessing contacts for example.
  • Can import TexNotes, RTF, Word or plain text files.
  • Can import images such as JPG, PNG or BMP files
  • Printing facility with print preview.

Email and RSS Feed Reader
  • Easy access and management of your email messages within structured tree views.
  • POP3 compatible.
  • Built-in RSS Feed Reader for RSS, XML, Atom and RDF data feeds.
  • Automatic spam checking by use of DNSBL (Black Listed domains).
  • White list and Blacklist facilities
  • Send messages as Rich Formatted text, Plain Text, or both.
  • HTML rendering of messages is not prone to scripting viruses, making email reading safer.
  • External images are automatically blocked from messages.

  • Comprehensive and powerful daily journal management.
  • Unlimited number of journals can be added for a day.
  • Journals can be added and managed within a navigational month calendar.
  • Journal Editor uses the Notes Editor to give you a comprehensive editing facilities.
  • Journals can be linked to other database records such as appointments, contacts or notes.
  • Journals entries can be dragged and moved to different days in the navigational month calendar.

Mind Mapping and Brain Storming
  • Unlimited number of Mindscapes can be added.
  • Mindscapes can be added and managed within folders.
  • Mindscape Editor offers comprehensive editing facilities.
  • Free floating Note Blocks can contain rich formatted text and image.
  • Note Blocks can be moved anywhere around the canvas.
  • Blocks can be linked to other Blocks with customizable connector lines.
  • Mindscape Blocks can be linked to other database records such as appointments, contacts or notes.
  • A Mindscape canvas can be as large as you want.
  • Mindscape Editor gives Note Block arrangement facilities such as random scatter and rotate.
  • Blocks can be customized with different colors and shadow effects.
  • Text in a Block can be edited quickly in place.
  • Mindscape document can be exported as a bitmap or a HTML file.

Year Planners
  • Unlimited number of different planners can be added.
  • Different Planners can be added and managed within folders.
  • Comprehensive planner customization including colors and borders.
  • Planner events can be added directly into the planner.
  • Events can be categorized for instant visual recognition.
  • Events key guide can be customized with different colors and names.
  • Planner Events can be linked to other database records such as appointments, contacts or notes.
  • Customizable view to show a single month up to a full year.

  • Reports give you on-screen details of your data.
  • Report can be printed.
  • Text on a report can be selected and copied to the clipboard.
  • Flexible report parameters.
  • Built in reports include a list of birthdays, anniversaries, list of tasks and contacts list.

Common Phrases
  • Unlimited number of phrases can be added.
  • Phrases can be added and managed within folders.
  • OLE compliant so text can be dragged into the common phrases from OLE applications, such as Internet Explorer.

Icon Library
  • Unlimited number of icons can be added.
  • Icons can be added and managed within folders.
  • Icons can be used in the Navigator folders for contacts, notes, journals, planners and Mindscapes.

  • Unlimited number of databases can be created.
  • Database size is limited only by disk space.
  • Database files are specially optimized single file databases. (uses the same technology as the operating system’s file/folder structure for greater stability)
  • Optional password option encrypts the data for total security.
  • Automatic data recovery in case of database corruption.
  • Backup and restore facility with further encryption to protect the security of your backup files.

Flexible Folders Navigator
  • Easy access and management of your data within structured tree views.
  • Choose from supplied art, different folder icons to spice up folders
  • The text of Folder Properties can be edited.
  • Automatic or manual Navigator tree sorting.
  • Navigator items can be moved up or down, overriding the automatic sorting.
  • You can have practically unlimited number of folders and sub-folders.
  • Comprehensive user-defined folder naming facility.
  • Customizable folder font style, size, face and color.

Full Text Search
  • Fast and easy indexing.
  • Index every word in your database.
  • Search options to direct search into any or all sections.
  • Automatic indexing after changes or manual indexing.

USB Capable
  • Settings and Preferences are not stored in the registry.
  • Install directly to a USB / Flash Memory Stick.
  • An easy way to carry your Harmony application with you.

Productivity Tools to make the difference
  • Generous amount of menu keyboard shortcuts.
  • Quick access to functions with a variety of context specific right click menus.
  • Can launch default web browser from Harmony.
  • Ability to launch email client directly from Harmony.
  • Ability to launch your default telephone dialer from Harmony.
  • Generous amount of clipart for use in the Mindscape, Notes and Contacts (for registered users).
  • Generous amount of icons to customize the look and feel of Harmony (for registered users).
  • Commonly used phrases for speedy text entry.
  • Home Page gives instant summary of your data.
  • Many output reports and pages, including the Home Page or records details, can be printed.
  • Search the Web by selecting text.

Resources and Users
  • Manage your important resources in a dedicated section.
  • Resources can be sign-in users with access control and permissions.
  • Resource may be Stock items, Books, Cars, Rooms, anything…
  • Assign an image to a resource.
  • Create an automatic calendar for a resource.
  • Direct Linking of Resources in Finance Transactions.

  • Manage money transactions in a dedicated section.
  • Resources and Contacts can be directly linked to a transaction.
  • Create linked sales, purchases and banking transactions.

Built-in Power Tools to help
  • Spell Check with over 30 dictionaries available.
  • Powerful Roget's Thesaurus.
  • Icon Library to store your own custom icons
  • ClipArt Explorer
  • Protect your database with a Password facility.
  • Common Phrase Repository for frequently used words and text saves time re-typing them.
  • Character Symbols Grid

Customize Harmony
  • User defined coloring for data displays.
  • Ability to show or hide various parts of the window to save more screen space.
  • Toolbars and be moved and info panels can be hidden to save valuable desktop space.
  • Main Toolbars can show small, medium or large icons. With or without captions.
  • Customizable Home Page to display a snapshot of your day-to-day activities.
  • Folder and record Flag Markers, Categories and Types can be added as to your need.


Harmony PIM is available with a 30 day free license. All features can be used in full. and we invite you to take it for a test drive.

The installation is clean and quick, and the uninstallation is equally fast and simple.


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